A letter from Illinois PPE:

Over a year ago we started Illinois PPE to address the urgent and important needs of PPE in our state and surrounding area. Our objectives were simple: create and deliver as much PPE, to people who needed it, as quickly as possible.

We are now nearing the completion of these objectives.

As the pandemic has persisted, Illinois PPE has continued its work. Most recently, we received a large shipment of 70,000 Solin Face Shields to a local Chicago warehouse. Here’s where you come in.

Our group is dedicated to getting all 70,000 of these shields to groups and individuals in need, including hospitals, first responders, assisted living facilities, places of business, and any others who require supplementary face shields to stay safe. We will do this all free of charge, provided you're able to pick up the shields from our Chicago facility (details provided upon request). If you’re in need of PPE, or know of a need, please reach out.

It’s that simple.

Thank you all for your support over this last year. We are all so connected.

If your institution needs PPE, we're here to help. Sign up on this form and we'll contact you and get you something right away.



What PPE should I wear? Face shields are intended to be worn over a face mask. Here's a visual explainer.

Our charter document - A one-page document that explains who we are and what we are doing.

Is anyone making a nickel off of this? - No, not one of us. We are a network of volunteer makers, educators, librarians, scientists, and museum staff who are solely interested in helping the people in our state stay healthy.