Making Cloth Masks

Making Masks?

Here's what you'll need.

  • 1 Bias tape Jig (contact us to get one!)

  • 1 Pleating jig (contact us to get one!)

  • 1 pattern (Found Here)

  • Sewing materials (thread, a sewing machine, scissors)

  • An iron

  • 100% cotton (If it is for non medical use, you can use the fabric from an old Tshirt!)

    • For reference: 1 yard of fabric yields about 4 masks

  • Thingiverse files for the AB Mask

Making mask tools?

Here are the tools you can make to help mask-makers.


To make the AB cloth masks, follow these instructions.

Or this document.

For the Froedtert design, follow these.

Resource Videos

Additional information

We have compiled a list of patterns and instruction sets for making multiple cloth masks. All of that information can be found in this google document.

Thank you for doing your part and helping out your community!

Once you have started making your masks feel free to reach out to us to tell us how it went and who you are making for, whether it be healthcare workers, essential workers, yourself, or even your neighbor down the street. Keep it up!