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Frequently Asked Questions

What file should I print?

The file we are 3D printing now. This is the NIH Design on Prusa Mirror Site. Use the 3 hole design. Last updated 4/3 AM.

Do you need bike tubes? Why? Can they be used?

We are accepting used or new bike innertubes (not tires). Elastic is in short supply, and in desperate need for other PPE. We have had clinicians test our upcycled tube straps. They are cut and autoclaved before delivery; to DIY see one of the links below. One tube makes 5-10 faceshield straps. Please deliver your tubes in sealed plastic bags or wrap.

How do I prevent infection from spreading when handling my parts?

Practice social distancing rigorously. Wash hands with soap before and after a handoff. Deliver parts in sealed plastic bags. Use gloves to handle parts. Do not participate if you have done anything that would put you at significant risk. This includes not practicing strict social distancing, riding on a crowded train, living with a healthcare worker treating COVID patients, etc.

Where do I drop off bike inner tubes or 3D printed parts?

353 W. Dickens Ave. Buzzer No. 4, Landahl/Rice . Between 5am and 10 pm.

I'm participating in the node but I've started experiencing suspicious COVID symptoms.

Stop making. Take medical advice. Notify all node members ASAP so we can shut the node down and have any distributed product destroyed immediately!

What materials can I print in?


What resolution, print, speed, nozzle?

In general, speed is more important than resolution. We have writen up some hints for different materials and printers.

What printer should I use?

Anything. Make sure it fits on your print bed. Print as many at a time as fast as possible.

Can I change the design or work on design improvements?

Yes, but this isn't the place for it. We encourage open source creativity and documentation. We just don't have the bandwidth right now to evaluate the design.

Can I stack my prints vertially?

Doesn't work so well. See answer above.

I'm printing / have prints of the "Swedish Covenant Hospital" design. Will you take them?

Yes. We still distribute some of these. Those folks are the best. ♥

How do I get filament?

Email first, then stop by 353 W. Dickens Ave. Buzzer No. 4 Landahl/Rice

How do I autoclave cut bike tires for sanitation before delivery?

Not necessary if we will be handling the tube straps before going out. We do it on everything we send. To DIY: Standard pressure cooker at home (not an instapot). 15 psi for 30 minutes. See your pressure cooker directions for psi ratings and settings.

What is this "node" idea? Why don't you centralize everything?

Each manufacturing node or hub operates in parallel to other nodes, but shares supplies and information. If one node goes down due to infection, it doesn't take out the entire network. This is the strength of a distributed node manufacturing system.


The file we are 3D printing now. NIH Design on Prusa Mirror Site. Use the 3-hole file. Last updated 4/3 AM.

Assembly instructions we are shipping now. Last updated 4/3 AM

How to upcycle a bike innertube into an elastic face shield strap.

What is proper sanitization for preparing ready-to-ship face shields?

Link for ordering face shield transparencies on Amazon. UPDATE: Out of Stock, we may be able to supply you.

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Node-specific protocols

Node 1

DePaul PPE Manufacturing Node 1

1279 Faceshields delivered so far.

Located in Lincoln Park Chicago

We offer our procedures here to help you get your own PPE manufacturing node going. Or drop your prints or used innertubes with us, following these procedures.


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